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The use of preserved equine renal capsule to repair lamellar corneal lesions in normal dogs


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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the use of equine renal capsule preserved in 98% glycerine to repair lamellar corneal lesions in normal dogs. For this purpose, 12 dogs, divided into six groups (n = 2), were used to evaluate the 1st to 7th day, 15th day and 30th to 60th postoperative day. In order to perform the histologic study, the clinical procedures were analyzed, while the recipient’s corneas were collected. The photophobia and blepharospasm also were more intense in the 1st to 7th postoperative day, and regressed in the 15th postoperative day. Therefore, the edema and the vascular events were both more frequent in the intermediary phases and regressed in the late periods. On the other hand, the morphological evaluation demonstrated an inflamatory exudate, also in the intermediary and late periods. These results suggested that the equine renal preserved capsule could be a useful alternative tissue to repair lamellar corneal lesions in dogs.