Out-patient surgery for the correction of penile curvature


Dr G-L. Hsu Department of Urology, Taiwan Adventist Hospital, 424 Pa Te Road, Sec. 2, Taipei 10558, Taiwan, ROC.


Objective  To evaluate an outpatient anaesthetic and surgical procedure for the correction of curvature of the penis.

Patients and methods  From February 1993 to December 1995, 128 patients (mean age 31 years, range 14–67) with penile curvature (120 with congenital curvature and eight with penile deformity from Peyronie's disease) were treated as out-patients at our institution using a proximal dorsal nerve block and ventral infiltration of the penis as the method of anaesthesia. The degree of deformity, pain and sexual activity were assessed before and after surgery and all patients were followed post-operatively using a questionnaire to determine the outcome and their satisfaction.

Results  All the patients were able to leave the hospital shortly after surgery. The follow-up period ranged from 4 to 35 months (mean 17.3); 112 patients (87.5%) reported a satisfactory cosmetic and functional result, while the other 16 patients reported an improvement but had inadequate correction. There were no significant short- or long-term complications; three patients with diabetes developed a hard lump over the operated tunica.

Conclusions  This unique operative method provided excellent correction of the deformities, was safe, cost-efficient and durable and could be performed as an out-patient procedure.