The ‘top 10’ urological procedures: a study of hospital episodes statistics 1998–99



Objective  To summarize the urological procedures recorded in Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES, 1998–99) and to examine the accuracy of coding and HES.

Materials and methods  Data on the 10 commonest urological procedures from the Department of Health website ( ) were extracted, summarized and presented.

Results  Urethral catheterization, endoscopic procedures on the bladder, prostate, urethra and ureter (excluding ureteric stone extraction), minor open procedures on the foreskin and the vas, bladder instillation, extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy and prostatic biopsy are the 10 commonest procedures, according to finished consultant episodes. There is published evidence that the data from coding and HES are not completely accurate.

Conclusion  This study highlights shortfalls in the HES data (1998–99) which may directly affect the funding of urological services.