‘Epipen’ training: a survey of the provision for parents and teachers in West Lothian


Dr Sarah Clegg, 12 Ross Gardens, Edinburgh, EH9 3BS, UK, Tel: +44 (0)131 667 0851; e-mail: r.steel@ed.ac.uk


Objectives To examine the training given to parents and teachers caring for children in West Lothian with an EpiPen®.

Design Questionnaires relating to training in EpiPen® use and provision for an anaphylactic emergency were sent to the children’s parents and another questionnaire to the head teachers of the school they were attending.

Subjects All 44 children of school age in West Lothian identified as having been prescribed an EpiPen® were included in the study. Eighty percent of parents and 84% of head teachers responded.

Results Of the parents who responded, 23% had received no training in the use of EpiPen®. Of those parents who had received training, only 11% had been offered a training review. Forty-two percent of the schools surveyed had no named person responsible for the care of the child with the EpiPen®. Only 62% of schools had a member of staff who had received EpiPen® training, and only 35% of schools had a health care plan for the allergic pupil. Both parents and head teachers expressed concerns about the lack of information received.

Conclusions Parents and school staff caring for children in West Lothian with an EpiPen® do not receive adequate training in how to use the device in an emergency. The authors suggest changes to clinical practice aimed at improving the training provided and make specific recommendations relevant to West Lothian.