• adipocyte;
  • growth hormone;
  • lipolysis;
  • preadipocyte;
  • signal transduction


Growth hormone (GH) is not only the major regulator of postnatal somatic growth but also exerts profound effects on body composition through a combination of anabolic, lipolytic and antinatriuretic actions. GH enhancement of the lipolytic activity of adipose tissue in combination with a reduction of triglyceride accumulation via inhibition of lipoprotein lipase activity appears to be the major mechanism by which GH results in a reduction of the total fat mass. Recently, much progress has been made in understanding the molecular mechanism by which GH affects cellular function. This review provides a brief discourse and summary of the mechanism of effects of GH on preadipocyte/adipocyte function. It is intended to provide a functional understanding of the mechanism of action of GH as it relates to adipogenesis and adipocyte function.