• Magnesium;
  • migraine;
  • neurological controls;
  • tension-type headache

Serum and erythrocyte magnesium levels were screened between attacks in patients with migraine without aura (n = 38) and with aura (n = 6), and for comparison in a group of patients suffering from chronic tension-type headache (n = 25) as well as a group of neurological, non-headache patients (n = 19). Serum magnesium levels were not significantly different between the four groups of patients. In contrast, magnesium in erythrocytes was on average significantly reduced in patients with migraine without aura compared to the other groups. It is hypothesized that this reduction might be due to an abnormal regulation of intracellular magnesium possibly reflecting at the periphery changes observed in the brain of migraineurs (8).