• Homeopathy;
  • migraine;
  • placebo;
  • randomized controlled trial;
  • tension headache

We conducted a randomized, placebo-cor rolled, double-blind clinical trial in order to determine the efficacy of classical homeopathic therapy in patients with chronic headaches. After 6 weeks of baseline observation, patients received either the prescribed individualized homeopathic medication or an indistinguishable placebo for 12 weeks. Outcome parameters were headache frequency, duration, and intensity, measured daily by diary. Use of medication for acure headache was also monitored. Of the 98 patients in the sample, 37 were randomized to receive placebo, 6l received individualized homeopathic remedies. Groups were comparable at the beginning of the treatment. The median age was 48.5 years; 76% suffered from migraine, 51% from tension-type headaches, and 94% were previously treated for headache. The median headache frequency was 3 days a week. Headaches were present for 23 years (median). In both groups, patients showed an improvement of one headache day less per month. The use of medication for acute headache was reduced. The headache frequency of 11 patients was reduced by more than 40%. Thirty-nine patients either did not improve or experienced aggravations. There was no significant difference in any parameter between homeopathy and placebo.