• Age;
  • endothelium;
  • human coronary artery;
  • migraine therapy;
  • sumatriptan

A post hoc analysis was performed on concentration response curves to sumatriptan in 62 human isolated coronary arteries. We determined whether donor-related clinical characteristics (age, sex, cause of death) and properties of the coronary artery (functional endothelial integrity, muscle mass) were related to the potency and efficacy of sumatriptan in contracting the human isolated coronary artery. The efficacy of sumatriptan was inversely related to the functional integrity of the vessel endothelium. Thus, contrary to expectation, coronary artery constriction to sumatriptan seems to he more pronounced in patients with nondiseased coronary arteries where the endothelium is intact. Nevertheless, in view of the high coronary reserve in these patients, myocardial ischemia after the use of sumatriptan is unlikely to occur, whereas in patients with coronary artery disease even a small contraction may be deleterious.