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Electroencephalography in migraine: a review with focus on quantitative electroencephalography and the migraine vs. epilepsy relationship


Trond Sand, MD, PhD, KNF-lab RiT, N 7006 Trondheim, Norway. Tel. + 47 7386 8423, fax + 47 7386 7581, e-mail


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Animal models for migraine have provided substantial advances on the mechanisms and mediators underlying migraine attacks. The neurogenic inflammation model has helped understanding the perivascular mechanisms underlying the pathophysiology of migraine attacks, the receptors involved and the effect of specific antimigraine drugs. The model based on probing the neuronal effects of nitroglycerin – an organic nitrate known to induce spontaneous-like migraine attacks in predisposed subjects – in the rat has provided interesting insights into the neuroanatomic circuits and neuropharmacological mechanisms involved in the initiation and repetition of migraine attacks.