• cervix;
  • incompetence;
  • funneling;
  • preterm Delivery;
  • predictive Value;
  • ultrasound


Our objective was to establish sonographic criteria that are predictive of preterm delivery in patients with internal os dilatation (funneling). The study population consisted of patients with cervical funneling identified on translabial or transvaginal ultrasound examination. Funnel length, functional length, percentage funneling and funnel width were evaluated for their predictive values for preterm delivery.

In the 43 patients who met the study criteria, funneling was detected at a mean gestational age of 21.4 weeks (range M-28). Twenty-three of 31 patients (74%), manually examined immediately following the ultrasound examination, had a closed cervix. Preterm delivery occurred in 42% of patients. Funnel length of ≥ 16 mm, functional length of ≤ 20 mm, funneling of ≥ 40% and funnel width of ≥ 14 mm correlated significantly with preterm delivery. Patients with funneling of < 25%, 25–50% and > 50% had preterm delivery rates of 17%, 29% and 79%, respectively. Copyright © 1997 International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology