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Cloning of Multiple Forms of Goldfish Vimentin: Differential Expression in CNS


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Abstract: In efforts to determine the primary structure of intermediate filament proteins in the goldfish visual pathway, we isolated clones from a retinal λgt11 cDNA expression library that represent goldfish vimentin. We show that there are at least two forms of goldfish vimentin, designated as vimentin α and vimentin β. RNase protection assays indicate that vimentin α mRNA is expressed in low amounts in retina, optic nerve, and brain and in higher amounts in spinal cord. In contrast, vimentin β mRNA is expressed in low amounts in retina, optic nerve, brain, and spinal cord and in very high amounts in eye lens. Immunohistochemical studies show that in the optic nerve, vimentin α is mainly restricted to blood vessels, meninges, and septa. Light staining is observed with this antibody in an astrocytic glial pattern throughout the optic nerve. Two-dimensional gel analysis shows that all of these goldfish vimentins are low abundant components of optic nerve cytoskeletal preparations.

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