• Neuregulin;
  • Autocrine;
  • Oligodendrocyte;
  • Neu differentiation factor


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Abstract: The factors that influence the development of oligodendrocyte (OLG) progenitors into mature OLGs remain elusive. Recent evidence has suggested that neu differentiation factor (NDF), which is a member of the neuregulin family of growth factors, influences the development of glial cells, including Schwann cells, astrocytes, and OLGs. Neurons are postulated to be the source of neuregulins, because neurons closely interact with these glial cells during development. In this report, we have identified the mRNA for both isoform families of NDF in cultured neonatal (immature) OLGs. We have also demonstrated that cultured neonatal OLGs contain and secrete NDF protein. These data raise the possibility that NDF could be used in an autocrine/paracrine loop by neonatal OLGs during development for survival, proliferation, and/or differentiation.

Abbreviations used: ARIA, acetylcholine receptor-inducing activity; NDF, neu differentiation factor; NRG, neuregulin; OLG, oligodendrocyte; RT, reverse transcription.