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Isolation and characterization of novel microsatellite markers from the Australian tiger snakes (Elapidae: Notechis) and amplification in the closely related genus Hoplocephalus


Dr Scott Keogh. Fax: 61 2-6249 5573; E-mail:


We provide details of seven microsatellite loci (out of 20 primer pairs designed) that exhibited the cleanest and strongest banding patterns for the Eastern tiger snake Notechis scutatus. These loci were used to screen 76 individuals from across the geographical range of N. scutatus and a further 14 individuals of the closely related and endangered broadheaded snake Hoplocephalus bungaroides. We observed large numbers of alleles per locus (14–52) and relatively high levels of heterozygosity (0.270–0.696) within the N. scutatus sample. These markers are also likely to be informative for work on H. bungaroides.