The isolation of microsatellite loci in the Mediterranean fruitfly Ceratitis capitata (Diptera: Tephritidae) using a biotin/streptavidin enrichment technique


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The Medfly (Ceratitis capitata) is a polyphagous dipteran pest which has spread from North Africa to the countries of the Mediterranean Basin and has also invaded tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world. Colonizing populations typically possess low levels of genetic variability. Microsatellites provide an effective means of investigating the population structure of such genetically depauperate populations, however, microsatellite markers traditionally require a long phase of development in new taxa. We used a biotin/streptavidin capture technique to isolate microsatellites directly from C. capitata genomic DNA and we describe here the identification of seven polymorphic microsatellite markers in C. capitata.