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Microsatellite loci in the soil-dwelling collembolan, Orchesella cincta


André van der Wurff. Fax: + 31–20–4447123; E-mail:


Three total genomic libraries of the springtail Orchesella cincta (Insecta; Collembola) were screened for the presence of microsatellites using phosphor and colour detection. PCR primers were successfully constructed for six dinucleotide, one trinucleotide, and one interrupted dinucleotide microsatellite repeat. None of the microsatellite arrays were longer than 11 repeat units. Individuals from three forests were investigated: five out of eight microsatellite markers were polymophic in all forests (2–5 alleles per locus) and the observed heterozygosity was 0.1–0.9 per locus.

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