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Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite DNA markers in two shrew species, Sorex unguiculatus and S. caecutiens


Satoshi D. Ohdachi. Fax: + 81 11 7067142; E-mail:


We isolated six microsatellite markers from the partial genomic libraries of two Sorex shrews, S. unguiculatus and S. caecutiens, and examined their allelic variation. All loci showed high allelic variation ranging from 15 to 19 alleles and all but one locus conformed to Hardy–Weinberg expectations in the species where the loci were isolated. Cross-species amplifications showed that all primers derived from S. unguiculatus were useful for S. caecutiens, while among primer sets derived from S. caecutiens only one was useful for S. unguiculatus. Accordingly, at least five microsatellite markers were useful in S. caecutiens and three in S. unguiculatus.