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Species-diagnostic microsatellite loci for the fig wasp genus Pegoscapus


Drude Molbo, IE-ZEA, Batiment de Biologie, Université de Lausanne, 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland. Fax: (+ 41) 216924165; E-mail:


To obtain tools for the estimation of inbreeding and assignment of offspring to matrilines, we developed 13 microsatellite loci from the fig wasps that pollinate Ficus obtusifolia. Based on morphological studies, it was thought that a single species (Pegoscapus hoffmeyeri) pollinated this fig. However, our data revealed the presence of two coexisting cryptic species. Several diagnostic microsatellite markers may be used to distinguish these two cryptic species. The new microsatellites can be used across a wide range of fig-pollinating wasp species for both evolutionary and population genetic studies.