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Eight microsatellite markers for the neotropical tree Luehea seemannii (Tiliaceae)


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We isolated eight polymorphic microsatellites from the neotropical tree Luehea seemannii for gene flow and genetic structure studies. We used a streptavidin subtractive enrichment technique to develop a library of CA/GT repeats. Eight loci were screened for diversity from 96 individuals from Barro Colorado Island (BCI) and neighbouring Gigante peninsula in Panama. Luehea seemannii shows moderate levels of genetic diversity within these two populations. Allelic richness ranged from four to nine alleles and averaged 6.44 alleles per locus. Average expected heterozygosity was 0.65 on BCI and 0.60 on Gigante. Results are compared to microsatellite data from another wind-dispersed gap colonizing species common in Panama.