Prominent occurrence of ribosomes from an uncultured bacterium of the Verrucomicrobiales cluster in grassland soils


AndreasFelske Wageningen Agricultural University, Laboratory of Microbiology, Hesselink van Suchtelenweg 4, 6703 CT Wageningen, The Netherlands (e-mail:


An uncultured bacterium of the Verrucomicrobiales cluster was identified by its 16S rDNA sequence as a major bacterium in Dutch Drentse A grassland soils. Potential metabolic activity of the according organism was estimated by applying direct ribosome isolation from soil and partial amplification of the 16S rRNA via RT-PCR using bacteria-specific primers. Temperature gradient gel electrophoresis separated the amplicons sequence specifically into reproducible fingerprints. One of the fingerprint bands matched with the signal of clone DA101. Southern blot hybridization with a DA101-specific V6 probe confirmed sequence identity. It is the first time that an organism of the Verrucomicrobiales cluster has been indicated as a potential major metabolizer in environmental microbial communities.