The Youthful Forehead: Placement of Skin Incisions in Hidden Furrows


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Background. Attaining good aesthetic results remains a primary goal in removal of benign cutaneous facial lesions.

Objective. Strategic planning of the incision is perhaps the most critical step in excision of such a lesion.

Methods. A study of one case of epidermoid cyst excision from a youthful forehead was undertaken.

Results. Poor surgical planning of a simple cyst excision from the forehead resulted in placement of the incision inferior to a natural furrow and within the basin defect, producing a noticeable scar. Facial animation accentuates the aesthetically poor placement of the surgical incision.

Conclusion. The detection of hidden furrows through facial animation during preoperative planning, especially in the youthful forehead, is imperative for achievement of an optimal aesthetic result. When possible, incisions should be concealed within natural furrows.