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Botulinum Toxin A: Successful Décolleté Rejuvenation


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background. Décolleté wrinkles develop with age. In women more than 35 years of age these wrinkles are still transient, but become permanent at about age 50. In a substantial number of women décolleté wrinkles, seem to be associated with an insertion of platysma exceeding the second intercostal space. We report botulinum A toxin therapy of these wrinkles in five patients.

objective. To show the effect of botulinum A toxin on décolleté wrinkles.

methods. All five women with décolleté lines treated with botulinum A had different varieties of the platysma muscle inserting deep down beneath the fourth intercostal space. During platysma contraction injection points were marked and a certain dosage of toxin was applied.

results. Two weeks after therapy a significant improvement of the treated décolleté region was observed.

conclusion. These observations indicated that botulinum A toxin can be an effective and safe method in the temporary management of décolleté wrinkles. It should therefore be considered as a new adjuvant treatment in cosmetic décolleté rejuvenation.

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