Superficial Malignant Schwannoma of the Scalp


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Background. Malignant schwannoma is a rare sarcoma that is located mostly on trunk and extremities; the head and neck are unusual sites for its development. Almost half of these tumors arise from neurofibromas with or without von Recklinghousen's disease, and most of the remainder develop de novo from peripheral nerve trunks. Development in the superficial soft tissues is extremely rare.

Objective. To present a case of superficial malignant schwannoma of the scalp, which is an uncommon presentation.

Methods. An 80-year-old male patient presented with a painless ulceration on his scalp. The clinical and radiologic properties of the tumor were consistent with a skin tumor.

Results. The lesion was excised, and reconstruction was achieved by transposition scalp flap. Malignant schwannoma was given as diagnosis by histopathologic examination with immunohistochemistry.

Conclusion. Malignant schwannomas may also occur in the skin. Clinically, these superficial forms closely resemble skin tumors, especially malignant melanoma. The treatment of choice in these tumors is wide resection combined with radiotherapy.