Reassurance in the Treatment of Mastalgia


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▪ Abstract: The purpose of the study was to evaluate the results of the application of a nonpharmacologic treatment based on explanations and reassurance to women with mastalgia. A total of 121 women were studied. They received reassurance and underwent follow up with a questionnaire 2–3 months later. An original methodology to evaluate the efficiency of mastalgia treatment was employed, which consisted of comparing pain parameters of the patients before and after treatment. The authors verified a success rate of 70.2% (n = 85) with reassurance. When evaluating the intensity of the symptom, reassurance was effective in 85.7% of the patients with a mild form of mastalgia, in 70.8% with a moderate form, and in 52.3% with a severe form. It was concluded that reassurance should be the first-line treatment for women with mastalgia. Drug prescriptions are indicated only in patients refractory to this form of management. ▪