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Women's Efficiency in Decision Making and Their Perception of Their Status in the Family


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Abstract  This study is descriptive in nature. Three hundred ten women who applied to the Maternal–Child Health and Family Planning Center in Erzurum, Turkey, between June 1 and August 30, 2001 were included in this study. Data were collected through the inquiry form, which was prepared to determine women's efficiency in decision making, their perception of their status within the family, and their demographic characteristics.

Women's decision-making rate was lower than that of men, except for selecting clothes. Couples' joint decision-making rate was high on personal matters but low on official matters. The women's educational level affected their decision making in the family. The majority of the women perceived themselves as wives sharing everything within the family. Women's perception of their positions in the family was related to their status and decision making. The results can be used in primary care practice for women's health promotion. The sample in this study reflects only one area of Turkey.