• nursing-sensitive client outcomes;
  • community/public health nursing effectiveness;
  • content validity;
  • elderly clients at home;
  • standardized nursing language

Abstract  A survey research design was used to assess the importance, sensitivity to nursing interventions, and content validity of six client outcomes from the Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC)). Outcomes relevant for elderly community residents and caregivers were included in a questionnaire mailed to American Nurses Credentialing Center–certified expert community health nurses. Two hundred thirty-nine experts rated specific indicators of the six outcomes for their importance in determining the outcomes and the contribution of nursing to their achievement. Outcomes also were rated for their importance for community health nursing clients and responsiveness to community health nursing intervention.

Results strongly support the content validity and nursing sensitivity of outcomes and specific indicators. Experts judged all six outcomes to be important and 90% of indicators as important in determining the outcome. All outcomes and 78% of indicators were judged to be responsive to community health nursing intervention.

Recommendations include the testing of NOC outcomes in community health nursing clinical practice and inclusion in community health nursing curricula. Areas for further research include development and validation of community-level outcomes, validation of outcomes with rural and home health nursing experts, and exploration of the community health nursing-sensitivity of one study outcome.