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Bart Syndrome: The Congenital Localized Absence of Skin May Follow the Lines of Blaschko. Report of Six Cases


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Abstract: Three cutaneous manifestations are characteristic of Bart syndrome: congenital localized absence of skin (CLAS), mucocutaneous blistering, and nail abnormalities. Six cases of Bart syndrome are herein reported. Localized absence of skin is present at birth, particularly on the anterior aspects of the lower extremities and dorsa of the feet. Physical trauma in utero has been proposed as a mechanism to explain the denuded areas on the limbs. The recurrent, highly similar pattern of the congenital defect in regard to location and clinical appearance in our patients and in most of the reported cases strongly suggests that trauma is too simplistic an explanation. Because of the observed bilateral and symmetric distribution of denuded areas in an S-shaped broad band, their sharply demarcated borders, the involvement of the toe webs, and the frequent similar involvement of the soles, we suggest that congenital localized absence of skin in Bart syndrome may follow the lines of Blaschko.