Tufted Angiomas: Variability of the Clinical Morphology


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Abstract: In 1989 Wilson Jones and Orkin first described tufted angioma, which has the unifying histologic feature of circumscribed angiomatous tufts and lobules within the dermis. Tufted angioma may take unusual forms clinically. We describe five children less than 3 years of age with tufted angiomas, demonstrating the variability of the morphology of this vascular tumor. Two of the lesions were congenital. Three presented as indurated, vascular-appearing plaques, one of which had associated hypertrichosis. One lesion appeared clinically compatible with a hemangioma of infancy, but continued to enlarge after the child was 32 months old. The remaining lesion was a nearly circumferential, soft tissue tumor of the left forearm with tortuous vessels and a smaller overlying vascular stain. All of these lesions demonstrated the characteristic histology of tufted angioma. The clinical and histopathologic differential diagnosis as well as treatment options for tufted angioma are reviewed.