Physiologic Control Algorithms for Rotary Blood Pumps Using Pressure Sensor Input


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Abstract: Hierarchical algorithms have been developed for enhanced physiologic control and monitoring of blood pumps using pressure inputs. Pressures were measured at pump inlet and outlet using APEX pressure sensors (APSs). The APS is a patented, long-term implantable, flow-through blood pressure sensor and designed to control implantable heart pumps. The algorithms have been tested using a Donavan circulatory mock-loop setup, a generic rotary pump, and LabVIEW software. The hierarchical algorithms control pump speed using pump inlet pressure as a primary independent variable and pump outlet pressure as a secondary dependent variable. Hierarchical control algorithms based on feedback from pressure sensors can control the speed of the pump to stably maintain ventricular filling pressures and arterial pressures. Monitoring algorithms based on pressure inputs are able to approximate flow rate and hydraulic power for the pump and the left ventricle.