Association of Knowledge, Anxiety, and Fear with Adherence to Follow Up for Colposcopy


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Abstract Objectives. To evaluate the association of pre-visit anxiety with pre- and post-visit knowledge, satisfaction, and adherence to colposcopy follow-up visits.

Methods. A group of 122 women presenting for colposcopy between July 1999 and May 2000 were studied. Immediately prior to their appointment, 98% of eligible patients participated in a self-administered questionnaire. Patients were sent a follow-up questionnaire within two weeks of the appointment. Statistical analyses included Chi-Square and Fisher's exact tests for categorical variables.

Results. The mean follow up was 112 days (SE 9.47). Although the mean fear score was 7.3 (SE 3, range 1–10) and mean anxiety score was 7.8 (SE 2.8, range 1–10), there was no significant association with pre-visit fear and adherence to follow up. Pre-evaluation knowledge was positively associated with fear, anxiety, post-visit knowledge, and adherence to follow up.

Conclusions. Pre-visit intervention may improve adherence and reduce anxiety associated with colposcopy.