Restoring Native Perennial Grasses to Rural Roadsides in the Sacramento Valley of California: Establishment and Evaluation



Along rural roadsides of the Sacramento Valley of California, we seeded native and non-native perennial grasses to gauge their potential value in roadside vegetation management programs. In trial I (polycultures), three seeded complexes and a control (resident vegetation only) were tested. Each seeded plant complex included a different mix of perennial grasses seeded into each of several roadside topographic zones. The seeded levels of plant complex were: native perennial grasses 1 (8 species); native perennial grasses 2 (13 species); and non-native perennial grasses (3 species). In trial II, plots were seeded to monocultural plots of 15 accessions of native Californian and three cultivars of non-native perennial grasses. Plots in both trials were seeded during January 1992 and evaluated for three successive years.