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Self-report of Cognition and Objective Test Performance in Posttraumatic Headache


Dr. Barbaranne Branca, Michigan Head Pain and Neurological Institute, 3120 Professional Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.


The Cognitive Difficulties Scale, a self-report measure of cognitive functioning, was administered to 111 consecutive adult referrals with posttraumatic head pain subsequent to mild to moderate head and/or cervical flexion-extension injuries who were treated at a clinic specializing in head pain and neurologicel disorders. Factor analysis of the Cognitive Difficulties Scala yielded seven meaningful factors corresponding to the type of memory inefficiencies often associated with neurological dysfunction. Further analyses comparing the Cognitive Difficulties Scale factor scores to objective tests of mental status, memory, and depressed mood demonstrated limited relationships between specific Cognitive Difficulties Scale factor scores and these measures of cognitive performance and behavior. The Cognitive Difficulties Scale appears helpful in assisting this patient population with treatment planning and specific remediation tied to everyday situations.

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