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Juvenile Idiopathic Stabbing Headache


Dr. S. Soriani, Paediatric Institute, Ferrara University, via Savonarola 9, 44100 Ferrara, Italy.


We report on 83 juvenile patients with idiopathic stabbing headache, subjectively perceived as lasting from a fraction of a second to a few minutes. This sample was selected from among 2543 outpatients referred because of recurrent headache to the Paediatric Neurology Services of Ferrara and Padua (Italy). Other painful syndromes were excluded by clinical examination and appropriate tests Idiopathic stabbing headache in the pediatric age group contrary to the adult form, is usually not associated with other primary headache syndromes. We suggest that this clinical picture should be more clearly defined in the future, in order to better understand its relationships with other primary headaches.