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Ketoprofen Versus Paracetamol in the Treatment of Acute Migraine


Dr. George N. Karachalios, Third Department of Medicine, Red Cross Hospital, Athens, Greece.


The efficacy and safety of ketoprofen and paracetamol were compared for the treatment of acute migraine in a randomized, double-blind study of 64 patients. Thirty-four patients received ketoprofen 100 mg intramuscularly, and 30 patients received paracetamol 500 mg intramuscularly. Partial or complete relief of pain and other symptoms was achieved 15 to 20 minutes after administration in the ketoprofen group and within 35 minutes in the paracetamol group. Complete relief of pain was achieved within 30 to 40 minutes after ketoprofen in 28 patients (82.5%) compared to 5 patients (17.5%) in the paracetamol group. Six of the patients treated with ketoprofen needed a second dose for complete relief of pain during the 4-hour follow-up period. Side effects were rare and minimal. Our findings suggest that ketoprofen produced statistically significant benefit in the treatment of acute migraine.