Nasal Surgery for Contact Point Headaches


Address all correspondence to Dr. Fuat Tosun, Gülhane Medical School, Department of ORL & HNS, Etlik 06018, Ankara, Turkey.


Headache due to the pressure on nasal mucosa of anatomical variations, nasal polyps, or mucosal swelling in the absence of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses is a clinical entity that has gained wide acceptance. In this paper, the outcomes of surgical treatment in 30 patients whose headaches were believed to be the result of intranasal contact points are presented. Total relief of the headache and significant improvement were achieved in 43% and 47% of the patients, respectively, after endoscopic endonasal surgery. The intensity of the headache was the same as preoperatively in 10% of the patients. In the absence of any other identifiable etiological factors, intranasal mucosal contacts must be kept in mind as a cause of the headache.