Sensitization of trigeminal nociception specific for migraine but not pain of sinusitis.


  • Z Katsarava,

  • G Lehnerdt,

  • B Duda,

  • J Ellrich,

  • HC Diener,

  • H Kaube


Neurology. 2002;59:1450-1453.

Trigeminal pain processing was studied in 14 patients with unilateral migraine attacks and 14 age- and sex-matched patients with comparable unilateral headache from frontal sinusitis. Using a nociception-specific blink reflex method (nBR), a facilitation of nBR responses predominantly on the headache side was observed in migraine, but not in sinusitis. The facilitation of trigeminal nociception may be specific for migraine rather than a consequence of peripheral pain such as frontal sinusitis.

Comment: Here we have evidence for the central hyperexcitability of migraine, not found in the previously cited article by Boska et al. SJT