• patient care;
  • headache education;
  • medical informatics;
  • software reuse;
  • reference models

Objective.—To evaluate patient acceptance of an automated medical information system specific to headache.

Background.—Studies suggest that automated tools may help health care delivery systems to be efficient and effective, but patient satisfaction remains a major concern.

Methods.—We adapted our software reuse reference model and Unified Modeling Language to apply the domain model to the headache population. Patients with headache were tested both to validate the system and to evaluate patient satisfaction and headache management with an automated system.

Results.—The mean age of all study participants was 44 years. Over 95% of the participants were satisfied or strongly satisfied with the Automated Medical Information System.

Conclusions.—The results strongly suggest that patients are willing and able to use nontraditional sources, such as the Automated Medical Information System, to learn about their illnesses.