Managing Intractable Migraine With Naratriptan


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Background.—Intractable migraine presents a significant treatment challenge to both patient and physician. Most attacks are treatable or self-limiting, but occasionally they may continue for extended periods regardless of treatment.

Objective.—To determine the efficacy of naratriptan 2.5 mg twice daily for the treatment of intractable migraine.

Methods.—We reviewed 24 patients treated with naratriptan twice daily for an intractable migraine attack. Patients were permitted to take prophylactic medication if such treatment had been effective in the past.

Results.—Nineteen patients (79%) improved. Twelve patients showed excellent response with cessation of pain and associated symptoms, 7 patients partially responded with lessening of pain and cessation of associated symptoms, and 5 patients were nonresponsive.

Conclusion.—Short-term daily administration of naratriptan may be effective in terminating status migrainosus.