Corrections to: Clinical Care of Pregnant Women with Epilepsy: Neural Tube Defects and Folic Acid Supplementation


Following the article in the above edition of the Epilepsia supplement, we would like to identify an inaccuracy in the paragraph on the Irish Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register on page 37. The Irish Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register is headquartered in the Clinical Research Centre, Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, whereas the U.K. Register is run from Belfast. Since publication of the previous abstract, there are 155 patients enrolled with 80 full outcomes. The U.K. Register began enrolling patients in 1997 and have 3,332 patients enrolled up to June 2003, with 2,684 full outcomes.

In reference number (69) of the article, which is referencing the Initial experience with the Irish Epilepsy and Pregnancy Register, the last author, Delanty N, was omitted from the list of authors.