Anti-Sc1 in pregnancy


1Reference Laboratory, South London Blood Transfusion Centre, 75 Cranmer Terrace, London, SW17 ORB, UK


Anti-Sc1 was detected in a gravida-2 patient at 12 weeks' gestation. At 29 weeks, the antibody was found to be of the IgG3 subclass with a titer of 16, score 36, by the indirect antiglobulin test, and it produced 7 percent lysis by antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) assay, a finding that suggested an unaffected fetus. The titer remained constant throughout the pregnancy, as did the IgG subclass and activity in the ADCC assay. At delivery of the full-term infant, the cord hemoglobin was 13.5 g per dL and the direct antiglobulin test was positive (3 +) with anti-IgG. The infant did not require transfusion. A sample taken 9 weeks after delivery showed 44 percent lysis in the ADCC assay. The anti-Sc1 titer was 32, score 65.