• host plant range;
  • sex pheromone;
  • Ostrinia furnacalis;
  • Ostrinia latipennis;
  • Ostrinia nubilalis;
  • Ostrinia orientalis;
  • Ostrinia palustralis;
  • Ostrinia scapulalis;
  • Ostrinia zaguliaevi;
  • Ostrinia zealis;
  • Lepidoptera;
  • Pyralidae


To contribute to the understanding of the genus Ostrinia (Lepidoptera; Pyralidae) in Japan, we collected larvae of Ostrinia spp. from known host plants and plants not recorded as hosts, and we examined the morphology and sex pheromones of the adults obtained. Consequently, the host plant ranges of the 7 Ostrinia spp. in Japan were clarified, and the sex pheromones of the 5 species O. scapulalis, O. zealis, O. zaguliaevi, O. palustralis and O. latipennis were identified in addition to that of the Asian corn borer O. furnacalis. The phylogenetic relationships of Japanese Ostrinia spp., with reference to the European corn borer O. nubilalis, are discussed based on these findings and results of molecular phylogenetic analyses.