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Uncommon Locations of Hydatid Cysts

Pictorial Review


*Demet Aydoğdu Kıreşi, Department of Radiology, Selcuk University Meram Medical Faculty, 42080, Konya, Turkey.
Fax +90 332 3232641.


Hydatid disease is endemic in many parts of the world. It may develop in almost any part of the body. The location is mostly hepatic (75%) and pulmonary (15%), and only 10% occur in the rest of the body. In this article, the various imaging findings of hydatid cysts in unusual localizations are reviewed, based on our experience. Findings in brain, cavernous sinus, submandibular gland, thyroid gland, heart, pleura, chest wall, retrocrural tissue, kidney, spleen, pancreas, peritoneal cavity and inguinal canal, breast, bone and soft tissue are discussed.