• antisperm antibody;
  • infertility;
  • sperm immobilizing antibody;
  • Sperm immobilization test;
  • Sperm Quality Analyzer

Antisperm antibodies have been found in infertile patients and those causing immobilization of sperm are considered to be closely related to unexplained infertility. These antibodies are usually identified by a sperm immobilization test which involves counting motile sperm under microscope. This test is subjective as it relies on the judgement of the examiner with respect to sperm motility. In this study, we analyzed motile sperm by a digital method using Sperm Quality Analyzer. The results were compared with those obtained by the conventional method. We found that the two methods yielded identical results, with 14 of 66 samples tested being positive and 52 negative for sperm immobilizing antibodies. These results show that the digital method is objective and of value in the measurement of motile sperm in determination of sperm immobilizing antibodies.