Transendoscopic Electrosurgery of an Equine Pulmonary Granular Cell Tumor


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Bernhard Ohnesorge, DVM, Klinik für Pferde der Tierärztlichen Hochschule Hannover, Bischofsholer Damm 15, Haus Nr. 118, 30173 Hannover, Germany.


Objective— Description of transendoscopic electrosurgical treatment of a pulmonary granular cell tumor in a horse.

Study design— Case report.

Animals— A 12-year-old Standardbred mare.

Methods— After endoscopic examination and transendoscopic biopsy, a granular cell tumor nodule was removed transendoscopically from the right principal bronchus of the sedated horse (0.02 mg/kg detomide intravenous) with a monopolar electrosurgical wire snare. Two days later, the surgical area was irradiated transendoscopically using a Nd-YAG laser.

Results— After surgery, the horse had no further signs of respiratory disease. Clinical and endoscopic examination and radiography performed 4 times during the following 2 years showed no evidence of recurrence.

Conclusions— Transendoscopic electrosurgical removal of nodular masses located intraluminally in the principal bronchi is possible on the sedated standing horse.

Clinical relevance— Granular tumors are rare lung neoplasms that lead to unspecific signs of a low airway disease. Diagnosis requires endoscopic examination of the large bronchi. Early intraluminal stages can be treated transendoscopically.