• Nyctaginaceae;
  • Bougainvillea stipitata;
  • nectary;
  • nectar sugar composition;
  • self-incompatibility;
  • Sphingidae

Abstract: Bougainvillea stipitata displays inflorescences with three pendant greenish flowers. Flowers open at sunset and last five days. Flower perianth is constricted in the middle and forms a tube that ends in five lobes. Fragrance is emitted by the papillae located on the lobe margins of the perianth. The nectary is located at the base of the staminal tube. It secretes fructose-dominant nectar with amino acids, phenols and reduced acids. Nectar secretion is continuous during flower lifetime and the flowers do not recover the reward. Mainly moths visit flowers. Pollen load on stigmas indicates that most flowers received more than 50 pollen grains, which are deposited by pollinators within the first two days of the flower life. Although the low natural fruit set of this self-incompatible species may be due to intraplant pollen flow, pollinators play an essential role for B. stipitata fruit production.