Longitudinal study of declarative and procedural memory in primary school-aged children


School of Psychology, Deakin University, Level 3, 27 Brougham Street, Geelong, Vic, 3217, Australia, E-mail: jarrad.lum@deakin.edu.au


This study examined the development of declarative and procedural memory longitudinally in primary school-aged children. At present, although there is a general consensus that age-related improvements during this period can be found for declarative memory, there are conflicting data on the developmental trajectory of the procedural memory system. At Time 1 children aged around 5½ years were presented with measures of declarative and procedural memory. The tasks were then administered 12 months later. Performance on the declarative memory task was found to improve at a faster rate in comparison to the procedural memory task. The findings of the study support the view that multiple memory systems reach functional maturity at different points in development.