Book Reviews


Children of Alcoholics. Margaret Bean-Bayog and Barry Stimmel (Eds.)

Child Sexual Abuse Within: the Family: Assessment and Treatment, A. Bentovin, A. Elton, J. Hildebrand, M. Tranter, and E. Vizard (Eds.).

Early Childhood Education: An Introduction, H. G. Berk.

The Psychology of Religious Belief. L. B. Brown.

Evolutionary Epistemology: A Multiparadigm Program. Werner Callebaut and Rix Pinxten (Eds.).

The Covert Conditioning Handbook. Joseph R. Cautela and Albert J. Kearney.

Psychotherapy With Homosexual Men and Women: Integrated Identity Approaches for Clinical Practice. Eli Coleman (Ed.).

Deep Dyslexia (2nd ed.). Max Coltheart, Karalyn Patterson, and John Marshall (Eds.).

Communication Before Speech: Normal Development and Impaired Communication. Judith Coupe and Juliet Goldbart (Eds.).

One to One: Experiences of Psychotherapy. Rosemary Dinnage.

Caring for the Alzheimer Patient: A Practical Guide. Raye Lynne Dippel and J. Thomas Hutton (Eds.).

Man and Wolf: Advances, Issues and Problems in Captive Wolf Research. Harry Frank.

Theories of Human Sexuality. James H. Geer and William T. O'Donohue (Eds.).

Sex Therapy Manual. Patricia Gillan.

The Structure of Emotions. Robert M. Gordon.

Conversations of Friend: Speculations on Affective Development. John M. Gottman and Jeffrey G. Parker (Eds.).

The “Sissy Boy Syndrome” and the Development of Homosexuality. Richard Green.

Mind and Body: The Psychology of Physical Illness. Stephen A. Green.

Memory, Thinking and Language: Topics in Cognitive Psychology. Judith Greene.

Multivariate Analysis of Variance and Repeated Measures: A practical Approach for Behavioural Scientists. D. J. Hand and C. C. Taylor.

Adolescent Psychiatry. Peter Hill.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy With Children In Schools. Jan H. Hughes.

Impasses of Divorce: Be Dynamics and Resolution of Family Conflict. Janet R. Johnston and Linda E. G. Campbell. New York: Macmillan.

How to Prepare a Research Proposal (3rd ed.). David R. Krathwohl.

Concept Development in the Secondary School. Peter Langford.

The Limits of Interpretation - What's Wrong With Psychoanalysis. Peter Lomas.

The Selected Melanie Klein. Juliet Mitchell (Ed.).

Work, Aging. and Vision. Working Group on Aging Workers and Visual Impairment, National Research Council.

How to Succeed at Part-Time Study. Fred Orr.

Narrative Knowing and the Human Sciences. Donald E. Polkinghome.

The Oedipus Papers. G. H. Pollock and J. M. Ross (Eds.).

Learning Disorders: An Integration of Neuropsychological and Psychoanalytic Considerations. A. Rothstein, L. Benjamin, M. Crosby, and K. Eisenstadt.

Stress Management for Chronic Disease. Michael L. Russell. ((Ed.).

Severe Behavior Disorders of Children and Youth. Robert B. Rutherford, Jr., C. Michael Nelson, and Steven R. Forness (eds.).

The Preoedipal Origin and Psychoanalytic Therapy of Sexual Perversions. Charles W. Socarides.

Bereavement and Health: The Psychological and Physical Consequences of Partner Loss. Wolfgang Stroebe and Margaret S. Stroebe.

Helping Delinquents Change: A Treatment Manual of Social Learning Approaches. Jerome S. Stumphauzer.

Piaget's Construction of the Child's Reality. Susan Sugarman.

Dreaming: Anthropological and Psychological Interpretations. Barbara Tedlock (Ed.).

Psychotherapy and the Interminable Patient. Jerome A. Travers (Ed.).

Treating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Samuel M. Turner and Deborah C. Beidel.

Investigative Design and Statistics. George Wright and Chris Fowler.

Career Counselling. Elizabeth B. Yost and M. Anne Corbishley.

Young People Leaving Home m Australia. Christable Young.

Language Development and Disorders, W. Yule and M. Rutter (Eds.).