Book reviews


Theories and Applications in the Detection of Deception G. Ben-Shakhar, & J.J. Furedy.

Concerning Psychology Dennis Howitt.

Computing for Psychologists: Statistical Analysis Using SPSS and MINITAB R. West.

Language: Contexts and Consequences Howard Giles and Nikolas Coupland Milton Keynes.

The Mind Matters: Consciousness and Choice in a Quantum World David Hodgson.

The Freud/Jung Letters: The Correspondence Between Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung William McGuire (Ed.).

The Development of Emotion Regulation and Dysregulation Judy Garber and Kenneth Dodge (Eds.).

Personality and Psychotherapy: Theory, Practice and Research Duncan Cramer.

Social Judgement J. Richard Eisner, Milton Keynes.

Emotion: A Reconsideration of the Somatic Theory A.C. Papanicolaou.

Handbook of Behavior Therapy and Psychological Science: An Integrative Approach P.R. Martin, (Ed.).

A Practical Guide to Behavioral Research: Tools and Techniques B. Sommer and R. Sommer, 3rd ed.

Employment, Stress, and Family Functioning Julian Barling.

The Psychology of Expertise: Cognitive Research and Empirical Research R. Robert Hoffman (Ed.).