Publication rates of Australian academic psychologists


Department of Psychology, University of New England, Armidale, NSW, 2351, Australia,


This study focused on publication rates of Australian academic psychologists. A random selection of 12 of the 36 Australian universities with psychology programs produced a total of 272 academics with the academic ranks of lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, or professor. A search of the PsycINFO database provided lists of publications for each academic. Using all listed publications except corrections and dissertations, the search found approximately a doubling pattern for number of publications going up each step of the rank ladder. Academics from universities that are members of the research-intensive Group of Eight universities had significantly higher publication averages at every rank than academics at other universities. Male academics had higher publication rates than female academics, but gender differences accounted for only a small amount of variance in the number of publications. The publication rates have potential value in allowing academic psychologists to compare their publication rate with that of their peers, in helping universities make hiring and promotion decisions, and in helping organisations that provide research grants evaluate the publications records of grant applicants.