• Education;
  • professional development;
  • training


Despite the increasing number of evidence-based practices and the significant use of public resources towards these, clinicians and practitioners do not consistently use evidence available to them. This paper examines methods that help clinicians and practitioners adopt evidence-based practices. A review was done of 69 systematic reviews, meta-analyses and literature reviews. Several methods can change the knowledge and skill base of professionals, and, to a lesser extent, patient health outcomes; namely, educational interventions; electronic methods; credible and skilled leadership; feedback; discussion; financial incentives; guidelines; portfolios; simulations; and visits from trained individuals. While robust evidence is lacking, effective interventions are likely to be multimodal; address the needs of the target group; be well-planned; be intensive; encourage active participation; be relevant to the clinical context; and provide opportunities for ongoing professional development. The dissemination of evidence to clinicians and practitioners requires well-considered multimodal interventions that are inclusive, comprehensive and ongoing.