• Biostratigraphy;
  • Bolivia;
  • Graptolites;
  • Ordovician;
  • Tremadoc;
  • South America

The graptolite faunal succession of the late Tremadoc to early Arenig in southern Bolivia is established from the Cieneguillas and Culpina sections and compared with faunas from other regions. The succession yields important data for the discussion on the proposed GSSP at the base of the Tetragraptus approximatus Zone and the completeness of the successions in eastern North America and Scandinavia. The graptolite faunas of the Aorograptus victoriae, Kiaerograptus supremus, Araneograptus murrayi, Hunnegraptus copiosus and Tetragraptus phyllograptoides zones are reviewed and the faunal associations discussed. The Kiaerograptus supremus Zone is regarded as a local Scandinavian biozone.